Augmented Reality


It is one of the latest technologies on which Microsoft, Apple and Intel all are working. In it rather than interacting with computer with help of any interface like mouse or keypad we interact directly with computer which is also known as Natural User Interfacing. This workshop will give you complete insight of how to make your own multi touch pad So lets the computing begin in a completely new way and step forward into a completely new era of Motion Sensing & Gesture Computing.


Session 1

  • Basics of Surface Computing
    • Introduction
    • What is Surface computing?
    • Earlier Prototypes of Surface Computing
    • Future of Surface Computing
    • Conclusion
  • Techniques used in surface Computing
    • Introduction to Different Techniques
    • FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection)
    • RDI (Rear Diffused Illumination)
    • FDI (Front Diffused Illumination)
    • LLP (Laser Light Plane).
    • DSI (Diffused Surface Illumination)
    • LED-LP (Light Emitting Diode Laser Plane)
  • Tracking Your Touch
    • Software used for tracking your touch
    • How does it track your touch?
  • Final Self Made Prototype
    • Making of a Touch Pad
    • Working of Touch pad
  • Final Self Made Prototype
    • Introduction to Kinect
    • Basic Features of Kinect
    • How it works?
    • Other hardware devices

Session 2

  • Image and Pixels
    • Introduction to images
    • Introduction to Pixels
    • How images are formed?
    • What are pixels?
    • Brief view of Frame rates
  • Open Natural Interface
    • What is Open NI?
    • Natural User Interface Software Setup
    • How Open NI Works?
    • Installation of Open NI
  • Processing
    • Introduction to Processing
    • What is processing?
    • What are libraries?
    • Installation Of Libraries
  • Working with Depth Images
    • Occlusion and Depth Shadows
    • Noise at Edges
    • Distortion due to Edges
  • After the workshop, Students learn
    • How to make their own Touchpad?
    • How to control music with paper?
    • How to convert their Normal Laptop Screen to Touch Screen?
    • How to control laptop with gestures?
  • Exposure with Industry Experts.
  • Hands on Practice.
  • Certificate of Participation by All India Council for Robotics & Automation
  • Free AICRA student membership.